Czukor Show

directed by Tamás Dömötör

• Genre: coming of age with comedic aspects • Producer: Ferenc Pusztai , Inez Mátis  • DOP : Máté Widamon Tóth
• Production company: KMH Film • Running time: 82 min. • Competion: 2010



A countryside man and his gang arrives to a fictive national TV channel’s talk show. The topic: “I’m going to fix my family today”. The group is gathered for the invitation of the man’s sister whom he hasn’t seen for six years. Unsaid feelings and never discussed surpressions move the group only the barely grown up lover sees the situation clearly. The movie presents two dramas at the sam time. The sad story of a love triangle based on Milan Füst’s Unhappy, how a family tragedy becomes a product for sale and a media event when the viewer is freed from the uncomfortable “after and side-effects”. For that arrives a Western-European investor, because the Eastern-European media market is an attractive investment, economically for sure and nothing else matters.



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