directed by Attila Gigor


• Genre: drama • Producer: Pusztai Ferenc
• DOP: Máté Herbai
• Production company KMH Film,
• Running time: 97 min. Completion: 2016

• Cast:
Péter Jankovics
Roland Tzafetás
Zsolt Kovács
Niké Kurta
Nóra Trokán
Lia Pokorny
Milovic Irma
Dorottya Udvaros
Zsolt László
Csaba Horváth
Ferenc Pusztai


Gas Station in the middle of nowhere: a young man arrives to meet his father he hasn’t seen for 30 years. On the same day a van with four prostitutes on the way to Switzerland breaks down at the very same gas station. The three days they spend together in the station change their lives forever.