Laiko – Gypsy in Space

directed by Balázs Lengyel

  • Genre: Black Comedy
  • Producer: Pusztai Ferenc
  • DOP: György Réder
  • Production company: KMH Film
  • Running time: 90 min. Completion: 2018


This black comedy allows us to learn that the first living being in space was not actually a dog called Lajka but a Hungarian crop-sprayer by the name of Lajkó. We discover that, in early 1957, the Soviet Union decides to give Hungary the honour of providing the first cosmonaut to orbit in space. The most suitable candidate turns out to be none other than Lajos Serbán, known to all as Lajkó, whose life as a pilot reflects his lifelong attraction to the stars and an unexplored infinity with outer space. When he is eventually selected for this daring mission, he has little notion of the fact that it is not by chance that his dreams are set to come true…

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