Sin alma (Soulless)

directed by Sebastian Moreno

• Genre: documentary
• Producer: Bruno Bettati • DOP: David Bravo •  Co-producer: Ferenc Pusztai  •  Production company: Jirafa films • Running time: 90 min • 2010


In March 1985, in the midst of the dictatorship, Manuel Guerrero Ceballos, Jose Manuel Parada and Santiago Nattino were murdered. This triple homicide was one of the political crimes that had the greatest impact during the military dictatorship. On that same day, the life of Manuel Guerrero’s son, also called Manuel, changed for ever, as the boy became a symbol of the struggle against the dictatorship: Manuel was 14 years-old and very angry. This film is a journey along a path strewn with evidence and apparitions. The search for a slain father and the search for himself; it is about the relocation of pain and how to face up to the spirits of the past, as well as how to stop being a victim. A long journey through the life of a person whose spirit is being constantly tested.


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