The Investigator

directed by Attila Gigor

• Genre: drama
• Producer: Ferenc Pusztai • DOP: Máté Herbai Co-producers: Martin Persson(Anagram Produktion AB), Macdara Kelleher (Fastnet Films), Thomas Eskilsson (Film I Väst) •  Production company: KMH Film 
• Running time: 110 min.
•  2008



At first glance Tibor Malkáv seems like an ordinary 37-year-old man except for his serious communication problem. He is precise and silent. He loves to be a pathological anatomist. Malkáv’s mother, suffering from bone marrow cancer, is being treated in the same hospital where Malkáv works. The expenses of the surgery that would save her are far beyond his means. One day a one-eyed person introducing himself as Cyclops and gives him an offer: he will give Malkáv the money he needs for the clinic in Sweden if he kills someone. Malkáv accepts the job. A few days later he kills the person he had never met before. Soon it turns out to be the greatest mistake of his life. Two days later Malkáv receives a letter – from his own victim. Szirmai must have posted it on day of his death. In the letter he writes that he wants to meet Malkáv because he has found out that their father – whom neither of them knew – is the same person, therefore they are brothers. Thus an investigation starts where the murderer is trying to find out who the victim was.



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