Attila Gigor begins editing Well

Having turned heads with his feature debut, The Investigator, the director is now working on his second opus, which is being produced by KMH Film

Last week saw the start of the editing phase for the second feature by Attila Gigor, entitled Well (working title). Having made a huge splash with his first opus, The Investigator, which won a whole raft of awards at the 2008 Hungarian Film Week (Best Genre Film, Best Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Editing) and was crowned with other awards the same year at Karlovy Vary (the Don Quixote Prize), Warsaw (the Fipresci Award) and Cleveland (the Central and Eastern European Competition Award), this time around the filmmaker has assembled a cast consisting of Zsolt Kovacs (who put on fine performances in such films as Happy New Life and For Some Inexplicable Reason ), Peter Jankovics, Roland Tzafetas, Csaba Horvath, Niké Kurta, Nora Trokan, Irma Milovic, Lia Pokorny, Zsolt Laszlo, Ferenc Pusztai and Dorottya Udvaros.


Written by the director, the story is set in a petrol station in the middle of nowhere. A young man arrives to meet his father, whom he hasn’t seen for 30 years. On the same day, a van with four prostitutes breaks down at the very same petrol station, on the way to Switzerland. The three days that the characters spend together will change their lives forever…

Produced by Ferenc Pusztai for KMH Film, Well is benefiting from support from the Hungarian Film Fund, which will also handle the title’s international sales. Interestingly, the movie, the shoot for which lasted 34 days with Maté Herbai serving as DoP, was filmed on 35 mm, and the set design was in the hands of the innovative Pater Sparrow (best known as the director of 1 and as the set designer on such films as The Duke of Burgundy ). Distribution in Hungarian theatres will be handled by Vertigo.

Other titles under KMH Film’s belt include Fresh Air  and Adrienn Pal  by Agnes Kocsis (popular at Cannes in 2006 and 2010), Dear Betrayed Friend by Sára Cserhalmi (2012), Afterlife by Virág Zomborácz (popular last year at Karlovy Vary in the East of the West section) and Free Fall by György Pálfi (Special Jury Prize and Best Director Award at Karlovy Vary in 2014), with whom the company is currently developing the project The Voice (read the news).

source: Cineuropa

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