directed by Bozzay Balázs

• Genre: drama
 • Producer: Ferenc Pusztai • DOP: Gajdics Dávid • Production company: KMH Film •  Running time: 13 min • 2017


She promised she’ll close her eyes. She sad she would like to see me drunk. She told me to jump off. I did and now I try not to limp. Great party. The only thing I want to know why am I still here?


Tough Girls Dont Dream

directed by Zsofia Zsámberi

• Genre: science fiction
• Producer: Ferenc Pusztai, Dora Nedeczky, Miklós Bosnyák • DOP: Edit Blaumann • Production company: KMH Film, University of Drama, Film and Television •  Running time: 10 min • 2011 



In a depressing, dreamless world a girl, who can’t find her place, falls in love with another. Their love is dream in this dreary world, where people want to exploit every minute, without saving time for important things. Every artificial pleasure is available, though what has been natural, like sleep, dream, love or timeless togetherness seems to be gone forever.


directed by Gábor Fabricíusz

• Genre: drama
• Producer: Ferenc Pusztai • DOP: Dániel Garas • Production company: KMH Film •  Running time: 12 min • 2014


Skinner centers around Geri. Geri wants basic things in life, he wants to be trustworthy, he wants to provide a normal life to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Geri’s possibilities are limited so he has to take the dark turn. He starts to work as a money collector for those who are threatening and ramping the likes of Geri.

During one of the ‘work’ Geri ends up in a fight, while he is walking around in the flat during the argument he sees the man, who meant the world to him, in the kitchen.

Geri has to make a choice……



directed by György Mór Kárpáti

• Genre: drama
• Producer: Ferenc Pusztai, Miklós Bosnyák, Ági Horváth Szabó, Marcell Iványi, Noel Villers • DOP: Dávid Hartung • Co-Producer: András Muhi (Inforg Studio) • Production companies: KMH Film, KraatsFilm, University of Drama, Film and Television •  Running time: 12 min • Completion: 2011  •  Premier: 61st Berlinale




Murder is committed in the forest. A young man becomes caught up in the events, and this experience has an increasingly unsettling effect on him.



directed by Gábor Fabriciusz

• Genre: drama
• Producer: Ferenc Pusztai, Gábor Sipos, Gábor Rajna • DOP: Péter Szatmári • Running time: 13 min • 2012 


Bianka the six-year-old gipsy girl is not yet the part of the phenomenon best known as the conflict between minorities and majorities in Hungary. She’s on the spot when her father and brothers cutting down trees and stealing them, but she would rather just leave to fulfill her dreams, she would rather see the light in big cities. In the end the light finally comes, exploding into her life.






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